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The Perfect Fighter

19.04.2019 7:36 Every once in a while a fighting game comes along that brings back memories of playing Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat at the local arcade. The Perfect Fighter is a polished fighting game that contains many of the cool features found in the old arcade 2D fighting games. The artwork is really well done with detailed characters, photo-realistic backgrounds, and custom animations. Each character has several special moves (press P) and combo attacks that can be performed with the correct key combinations. Game modes include 1-player and 2-player. The computer opponents are challenging which helps to increase the replay value. Two un-lockable characters are also available for dedicated players.

Check out these alleged Left 4 Dead 3 map shots

19.04.2019 7:32

Left 4 Dead 3 is a game that many would love Valve to make, but it may never come to pass. Reportedly it was in...


Table Black Jack

18.04.2019 13:39'>
The standard Blackjack game is played with one or more Anglo-American decks containing 52 cards. Your goal is to hit 21, but the risk of busting is exponentially higher after your card hand value reaches 15. This is usually the point at which you must decide to play it safe or take the gamble and get hit. Up until 15, it’s almost always advisable to hit, as there are only four point values high enough for you to bust at 14 (8, 9, 10 and face cards). Most Blackjack players hit until about 17, but to play it safe, 15 is the first advisable value to stand on. Also, be cognizant of what the dealer holds. If they start with 7, feel confident hitting until 17, because chances are high they will near it. Hope you're going to love it! Share these free online games with your friends!

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World War Z Vs. Left 4 Dead 2, Who Did It Better?

18.04.2019 13:30

World War Z shares a lot of characteristics with Valve's Left 4 Dead 2. However, does Valve's zombie cooperative shooter still hold up today? Let's analyze the best qualities of both these cooperative zombie shooters and see which comes out on top.


World War Z studio head on Epic Store: "it's about being a disruptive change in the Industry"

18.04.2019 13:30

From GameWatcher: "World War Z is out today, and it's an incredibly fun zombie co-op shooter - like an evolution of Valve's Left 4 Dead, except the game is not on Steam. There's a World War Z Epic exclusive deal, and we spoke to Saber Interactive CEO and co-founder Matthew Karch for his thoughts on the subject."


2048 Solitaire

18.04.2019 7:37'>
2048 Solitaire is the traditional solitaire card game with a twist. You need to stack cards in columns with numerical values, they must add up to 2048 to remove them. The aim of the game is to get all of the cards to disappear by adding them up correctly.

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PC Connects Seattle 2019 - Meet the Speakers - Chet Faliszek, Stray Bombay Company

17.04.2019 10:51

Ahead of PC Connects Seattle 2019 on May 13th and 14th, we are catching up with some of the big names that we have on-stage at the show. Today, Valve and Bossa Studios vet Chet Faliszek shares his thoughts on the state of the market and tells us a bit about his brand new game studio Stray Bombay Company. Tell us a bit about the company. We are a new studio in Seattle that is focusing on coo...

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World War Z Review | NoobFeed

17.04.2019 7:30

Without a doubt, it's hard to play World War Z without comparing it to Valve's Left 4 Dead series. Many of the similarities are here but Saber Interactive decided to take to those concepts and flesh them out. Adding a leveling system and a larger variety of competitive options. It's a cooperative shooter with lots of things to kill and while that may sound mediocre it's done so well here. World War Z is all about mindless carnage as you plow through another wave of zombies.


Grow Valley

17.04.2019 1:36'>
Click on the builders in the proper order to build the most advanced structures in the valley.

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