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Rare glimpse behind the game industry curtain reveals Epic paid £8.3m for Control

21.09.2019 5:09

It's not often we learn the amount of money that changes hands as part of video game industry deals. But an Italian financial report has done just that for Epic's exclusivity deal for Remedy's Control.
The wonderfully-named Digital Bros, which is parent company of publisher 505 Games, issued a for the year ending 30th June 2019 that revealed it earned €9.490 (£8.3m) from Epic.
As pointed out by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, this revenue is directly related to the PC version of Control.

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The Sojourn Is Now Available For Xbox One

20.09.2019 16:05

Product Info: Developer: Shifting Tides Publisher: Iceberg Interactive Website: The Sojourn Twitter: @ShiftingTidesUK / @Iceberg_Int / @The_Sojourn

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Untitled Goose Game review - a delightful troublemaker

20.09.2019 12:00

Geese are dicks. I know that, and you know that. I don't think there's a single person who hasn't got a story to share about being terrorised by these feathered menaces, these long-necked shits. My own involves cycling home on the Hertford Union Canal and coming across a small blockade just outside Victoria Park as other cyclists were threatened by one very angry, very aggressive goose. Then, after a short while, it started to attack standers-by, swinging its beak at exposed shins and hissing, its grotesque spiky tongue flapping as it went. Eventually, someone just had enough and kicked the goose square in the neck, forcing it to saunter off. Good. Geese are dicks.
Untitled Goose Game knows that geese are dicks, and makes a virtue of it. Indeed, it makes an entire game out of it, because here you are the goose, terrorising a small village that gently unlocks as you progress through the short adventure. Be the arsehole. Live the dream. It's a concept so pure, so universal, that developer House House didn't even have to bother coming up with a name for its game. You know from the off what it involves. You know from its brilliantly unvarnished name that you want to play it.
And when you do, it's glorious. The first few minutes spent in Untitled Goose Game's company are side-splittingly hilarious - it's no wonder this thing became a small Twitter phenomenon when early gameplay videos first did the rounds - and House House deliver on all the promise the concept implies. The detail here is wonderful, most notably in the goose itself and the pat-pat-pat of its webbed feet, the swagger of its waddle, the bark of its honk. Look at the little jerk go!

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Fortnite's Batman crossover is official, but Epic's saving the details for tomorrow

20.09.2019 11:42

Earlier this week, dataminers probing around Fortnite's innards uncovered evidence that the battle royale phenomenon was poised to unleash some kind of Batman crossover event. And now developer Epic has confirmed that such a thing is indeed on the way - but it's saving the details for a YouTube video reveal tomorrow.
Posting on Twitter, that its "Fortnite X Batman" unveiling will take place tomorrow, 21st September (officially Batman Day, this year celebrating the 80th anniversary of the caped crusader), at 1pm in the UK /8am ET. There's no indication of how long proceedings will last, but Epic says viewers will earn a mysterious free in-game reward for watching the reveal - provided they .
While Epic is still playing its cards somewhat close to its chest, the money's on some kind of incoming Batman-themed limited-time event, with the likes of challenge objectives, rewards, and new weapons in Fortnite's latest build. There's even suggestion that Tilted Town will be transformed into Gotham City for the occasion. Hopefully all lingering questions will be vanquished by the time tomorrow's reveal video runs its course.

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Rebound Dodgeball Evolved Is Now Available For Xbox One

20.09.2019 0:20

Product Info: Developer: Hexterion Publisher: Hexterion Website: Rebound Dodgeball Evolved Twitter: @Reboundthegame

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Slabwell Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One

20.09.2019 0:01

NOTE: You may pre-download this game, but it will not be playable until the release date/time: 10/03/2019 – 5:00 PM (check the product page for release date/time in your region).   Product Info: Developer: UnderCoders Publisher: JanduSoft  Website: Slabwell Twitter: @Undercoders / @JanduSoft

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