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Quake creator John Carmack says games like Overwatch let you win even if you didnt contribute

01.09.2019 1:29

John Carmack has had quite a bit to say about the modern shooter on the Joe Rogan Podcast, targeting the likes of Overwatch for allowing players that "suck" to still win.

From: n4g.com

John Carmack wishes Rage had been released earlier

29.08.2019 2:59

And Quake too.

From: www.pcgamer.com

“Masters Of Doom” coming to a TV near you

28.06.2019 17:35

When id Software said that this would be the year of Doom, they weren’t kidding. In exciting news this week, it’s been revealed that USA Network has requested a pilot episode for a television adaptation of Masters Of Doom. This novel, released in 2003, chronicles the journey of two revolutionary gaming giants, John Romero and John Carmack. This digitally-dynamic duo co-founded id Software and would go on to develop some of the most iconic titles in PC gaming history. From Doom and Doom II to Wolfenstein 3D and Quake, Romero and Carmack influence the gaming world to this day, with many […]

From: www.pcinvasion.com

David Kushner’s fantastic book Masters of Doom, about John Romero and John Carmack founding id Softw

27.06.2019 12:35

David Kushner’s fantastic book Masters of Doom, about John Romero and John Carmack founding id Software, is , to be produced by the Franco brothers and executive produced by prolific writer Tom Bissell (who, full disclosure, is a good friend of mine). Here’s to video game books turning into TV…

From: kotaku.com

John Carmack’s legal dispute with Zenimax Media has ended

16.10.2018 6:38

Veteran programmer John Carmack has come an agreement with Zenimax Media after filing a lawsuit against the company last year. Carmack took Zenimax to court last year to sue for $22.5 million he claimed was still owed after Id Software was acquired by the company in 2009. Last week, however, Carmack revealed through Twitter that this particular dispute has been closed. He and Zenimax have reached...

From: www.pcgamesinsider.biz

John Carmack’s Personal Legal Disputes With ZeniMax Due To Oculus Are Over

15.10.2018 13:32

Legal battles between Facebook and Oculus VR versus ZeniMax are still ongoing, but John Carmack can finally rest easy.

From: www.pcinvasion.com

John Carmack and ZeniMax settle their $22.5 million beef

12.10.2018 16:38

Carmack sued ZeniMax last year, claiming it still owed him money from the purchase of id Software.

From: www.pcgamer.com

John Carmack Believes Oculus Quest Will Directly Compete With Nintendo Switch

30.09.2018 22:31

During his keynote at the recent Oculus Connect 5 event, Oculus VR chief technology officer John Carmack said he believes that the upcoming Oculus Quest headset will be competing with the Nintendo Switch console. Despite not being a VR device, the Switch offers portable gaming functionality – something that Oculus Quest will aim to provide […]

From: mynintendonews.com

Oculus Quest standalone VR headset is as powerful as last-gen consoles PS3 and Xbox 360

29.09.2018 18:29

DSOGaming writes: "Oculus has announced a new standalone VR headset called Oculus Quest. Oculus Quest is an all-in-one VR gaming system, meaning that and contrary to Oculus Rift you wont need a PC system in order to play its VR titles. And according to John Carmack, this system is as powerful as the last-gen consoles, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360."

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