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Early reactions for Gemini Man: A wild “technical marvel” that needs to be seen on the big screen

20.09.2019 7:00

The script for Gemini Man has been bouncing around Hollywood for 20 years before director Ang Lee and star Will Smith tackled this movie of a hitman having to face a younger cloned version of himself. And according to the first reactions to it, it was worth the wait.
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Hitman 2 gets tropical next week in new Maldives resort DLC, Haven Island

19.09.2019 14:47

Summer might be on the way out, but Agent 47 will be enjoying a bout of sun, sea, sand, and sneaky stealth slaughter next week, with the arrival of Hitman 2's latest - and final - DLC sandbox location, the Malidives resort of Haven Island.
According to developer IO Interactive's , Agent 47 will, following recent events at the Milton-Fitzpatrick bank in New York, be soaking up the tropical heat in disguise as a guest at the privately owned resort - apparently also the headquarters of an organisation known as Haven, the world's "premiere reputation management service".
Alongside the location itself, Hitman's Maldives DLC will feature a new campaign mission, The Last Resort, which sets players the task of eliminating three targets before making their escape. It also brings full Contracts Mode support, over 75 new challenges, 20 levels of Location Mastery, five new Location Master unlocks (four "new and unique items" and a "stylish new suit"), plus seven new Trophies and Achievements.

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Hitman 2 - Haven Island Location Reveal Trailer

19.09.2019 11:06

Take a look at the tropical paradise of the Maldives, where Agent 47 must travel under a fake identity and assume the role of a guest at the privately-owned Haven Island - headquarters of the world's premiere reputation management service. Haven Island will be available for all Expansion Pass and Gold Edition owners on September 24, 2019.


Hitman 2 Expansion Pass Retires on Haven Island

18.09.2019 22:01

Set sail for Haven Island on the last piece of DLC in the Hitman 2 expansion pass.

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