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Did Capcom Just Tease The Resident Evil 3 Remake?

19.04.2019 13:36

WGTC: "Capcom took to Twitter today with a rather mysterious message, which some fans have taken as a tease of a Resident Evil 3 remake."


The Emulator In Capcom's Home Arcade Is Stirring Controversy

18.04.2019 21:00

The Capcom Home Arcade, a plug-and-play fight stick that comes with classic arcade games pre-installed on it, , causing a backlash in the homebrew community who take issue with the device’s use of open-source emulation software.

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD Review – How a fantastic trilogy offered me a new perspective on the world and game design

18.04.2019 7:30

Bringing the original Ace Attorney Trilogy to current generation, Capcom offers fans a great trip down memory lane and new comers to feel the sweet satisfaction of Phoenix Wright for the first time.

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Resident Evil 3 Remake Potentially Getting Teased on Twitter – Rumor

17.04.2019 18:02

Is Capcom just being cheeky, or are they hinting at something here?


Capcom Home Arcade Is A Plug-And-Play Arcade Stick, But Is The Emulation Legit?

17.04.2019 15:30

UPDATE: Confusion over licencing of Final Burn Alpha emulator.
Update #2: We’re hearing reports that while the version of Final Burn Alpha emulator that ships with the Capcom Home Arcade stick has been properly licenced, some of the developers currently involved with the software haven’t been contacted. Initially, reports suggested that FBA was being used without permission, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
Update: Confirming the details from our source, Capcom has announced a new plug-and-play arcade stick packed with classic Capcom arcade games that plugs directly into your TV, launching on 25th October 2019. They call it the Capcom Home Arcade and there’s little doubt as to who’s making it, as you can see from the trailer above.
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Play Street Fighter V for Free Next Week on PS4 and PC

17.04.2019 7:32

Capcom announced a new free trial for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The trial kicks off next week on PS4 and PC via Steam.


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