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Inside Track - Why PR and marketing agency KA Games has rebranded as Neonhive

18.09.2019 10:00

Kinetic Atom aka KA Games was a PR and marketing agency founded back in 2016 by Bethesda, Ubisoft and Square Enix vet Korina Abbott. Was? Well today the company is announcing that it is rebranding as Neonhive. Senior marketing manager George Morgan tells us more Tell us about your company. We're Neonhive, previously known as KA Games; a one-stop-shop for all your marketing, social and PR needs. W...


Fans are upset about Bethesda charging $7 for a refrigerator in Fallout 76

12.09.2019 1:29

From GameWatcher: "Fallout 76 has, after all of its content updates and patches, revealed itself to be a fair game, but its microtransactions are nothing to scoff at. The latest refrigerator fiasco is all about an in-game fridge that costs $7 in real-life currency, for example. Naturally, fans are flabbergasted with this development, but what adds oil to the fire is the fact that Bethesda has added the fridge following a thread on Reddit asking them to do so. Presumably, adding it as a microtransaction wasn't what the author of the thread originally had in mind."


Fallout 76's fridge pricing leaves fans cold

11.09.2019 11:40

Just when you thought things were starting to settle down with Fallout 76, another incident has riled up the playerbase, and this time it's all about a fridge and a scrap-collecting robot.
Fallout 76's latest update dropped yesterday, and introduced a number of quality of life improvements along with some new maps. , however, revealed several new utility items were also added - such as refrigerators, which can be placed at C.A.M.P.s to reduce the spoilage rate of stored food and drink by 50 per cent. There's also a WALL-E wannabe in the form of the Collectron Station, a C.A.M.P. item that spawns a little scrap-collecting bot to search the nearby area for scrap and simple items.
What's the big deal? You may recall , which allow players to pay to restore their items. Players accused Bethesda of breaking its "no pay-to-win" promise, pointing to several statements assuring players this would not happen. Such as this one from Pete Hines (senior vice president of global marketing and communications) when talking to the about the Atomic Shop:


Fallout 76 players are exceptionally mad about a fridge

11.09.2019 6:00

The in-game item, available for $7, has players pushing back against Bethesda for violating rules that were established back when the game first launched.
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