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You are a castaway trying to survive on an mysterious island where it seems that you are not alone. Recollect resources during the day and survive the threats of the night. Try not to get crazy. Try not to starve.

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Pick Your Poison

In this game you try to make it through all 7 hallways of the evil wizard and defeat him. The catch is, at the end of each hallway you have to drink a poison that will lower one of your skills (total health, speed, or strength). Good luck.

Tags: Thief
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Amazing Strange Rope Police - Vice Spider Vegas

https://img-hws.y8.com/cloud/v2-y8-thumbs-thumbnail464x348s-001/6837/thumbnail464x348.gif Amazing Strange Rope Police - Vice Spider Vegas is a simulation game where you are going to control a spider-man like character. He can be the villain or a superhero, it depends on what side you're going to be. You can destroy the entire city and kill everyone that will stop you, or you can be the good guy and accept the city jobs like taking the patient to the hospital or even extinguishing fire in the city. Play this cool game and improve your character!

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Fleeing the Complex

Somewhere in a far off land, where the snowy mountains meet the see, lies a prison complex. Welcome to The Wall, the 'home' of some of the baddest and smartest criminals from all over the world. Henry has become the newest resident.

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Ben10 The Mystery Of The Mayan Sword Finale

There's no time to lose! Help Ben, Gwen and Grandpa discover the hidden secret behind the Mayan Sword. On each episode of this exciting graphic adventure, expect new puzzles, minigames, and enigmas to solve. Simply must play ! Walkthrough available on www.gamegape.com.

Tags: Thief
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Short and Sweet

https://img-hws.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/4661/thumbnail464x348.gif A click-and-drag mini game sprinkled with sugar and lathered with strawberry jam

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Obama in the Dark 2

https://img-hws.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/46891/big.jpg Help Obama rescue the Scooby Doo gang from the ghosts that inhabit a haunted mansion

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Red Ball 4: Volume 1

https://img-hws.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/45493/big.jpg Solve puzzles in the popular, returning series Red Ball. Great graphics & fun gameplay.

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The First Hero

https://img-hws.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/29190/big.jpg Be the chosen one, travel the ancient world and underworld to save your love. Use your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions.

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Kitty Paradise

https://img-hws.y8.com/cloud/v2-y8-thumbs-thumbnail464x348s-001/6562/thumbnail464x348.gif Kitty Paradise is an exciting cat quest game where you will act as a cat who will be doing several tasks before proceeding to the next stage. Each stage will have its own difficulty so be very quick in finding those things that you need to interact with. There will be also a running time so you need to move fast in accomplishing the tasks. You can select different kinds of cat according to your liking.

Tags: Thief
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Final Ninja

Use your ninja rope and cloaking skills to take down your ex-boss.

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Feed Me

Bite the environment and drag yourself through the green house.

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Hopy Boo

https://img-hws.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/46859/big.jpg Hopy is on a scare mission, are you the one to help him?

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Stabika 2

Help Kade live through everything the corporation can throw at him.

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Customize your gang name and logo.Your objective is to run a profitable organized crime organization. Your job is to maximize revenue while minimizing the risk as you rob places and bribe the police among others. You can also upgrade your attributes for a more successful job. So keep the pimp hand strong and make sure all the locals know who to kick back to.

Tags: Namco
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Based on the very popular game World of Warcraft.

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Arrow of Light

A lost scout is trying to find his way back to the camp site.

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My Kingdom for the Princess

https://img-hws.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/1564/thumbnail464x348.gif A terrible tornado has been turned the kingdom upside down! The beautiful Princess Helen must return to her sick father, King Olgert, but the roads are in ruins, the hamlets are destroyed, and a hungry dragon circles the skies above. Rebuild the empire from the ground up and fix the destroyed towns. Help the brave and noble knight, Arthur, restore the land using your Time Management talents in My Kingdom for the Princess!

Tags: Turok, Fated
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Closed In Addendum

Closed in Addendum is another adventure mystical platformer game. Explore strange world and find out what it’s all about.

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Help our hero to his adventure and grueling challenges.

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