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The Division 2 is hosting a closed alpha, and you’re (probably) not invited

13.12.2018 17:30

Ubisoft Massive is planning on hosting a closed alpha for The Division 2 this coming weekend, but the number of players it’s letting in is very limited. The technical alpha will run from December 15th to December 18th. Invites went out today, so if you didn’t get one, you have no chance of getting in. Ubisoft […]

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Ubisoft's open-world racing game The Crew 2 is free to play this weekend

13.12.2018 15:59

The free ride is live now and runs until December 17.

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Division 2 Technical Alpha Announced

13.12.2018 10:32

PC players can try out The Division 2 early if they registered with Ubisoft.

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The Crew 2 Is Free To Play This Weekend

13.12.2018 9:18

The entirety of Ubisoft's open world racer will be accessible to everyone up till December 16.

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Ubisoft steps back from instant-bans for hate speech in Rainbow Six: Siege

13.12.2018 5:49

Ubisoft is no longer issuing instant bans for hate speech during Rainbow Six: Siege matches. Back in March, the developer made the decision to curb toxicity by applying instant bans ranging from two-day to permanent on use of racist, homophobic or otherwise hateful text chat. Now Ubisoft is rolling this back - the company still wants to hold a firm line against hate speech in its competitive shoo...

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 – Ubisoft Blue Byte Joins Development

12.12.2018 17:09

The development team of ANNO series fame is assisting with the open world action adventure space title.

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Far Cry New Dawn – How makeshift weapons will help you survive the apocalypse

12.12.2018 6:30

Life is good in Far Cry new Dawn! And surprisingly authentic, as Ubisoft’s replica of a post-apocalypse landscape has some actual science behind it.

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Uplay 77.0 Build 5928

12.12.2018 5:00

The place where you can keep up to date with the latest releases from Ubisoft and use your Uplay points

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Further details and release date confirmed for Tom Clancy's The Division: Broken Dawn

12.12.2018 2:31

Neil writes: "Want to get fully immersed into the world of The Division? Ubisoft have got your back with the upcoming release of a novel - Tom Clancy's The Division: Broken Dawn."

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