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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Complete Edition Gets New Trailers; Switch Version Coming Later

18.12.2018 7:29

Today Bandai Namco Entertainment released new trailers for the Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Complete Edition for PS4, Xbox One, And PC, and for the upcoming expansion pack Dissonance of the Nexus.


Fortnite 7.10 Early Access

18.12.2018 7:13

Enjoy a fun new game genre named "Battle Royale", and the king that keeps the wave going: Fortnite!

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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Details Its Online Modes

18.12.2018 6:00

Bandai Namco shared the latest details including online versus for Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, their card battler arcade game on Nintendo Switch, in the latest issue of V-Jump.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Extra Pack 4 Launches In Japan On December 19

18.12.2018 3:30

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s Extra Pack 4 adds two new DLC fighters in SSGSS Gogeta and Super Saiyan Full Power Broly. Bandai Namco announced a launch date of December 19 for Japan.


Christmas Diana

18.12.2018 2:35'>
This sophisticated young woman named Diana is celebrating Christmas with her boyfriend and her boyfriend's family. She needs to look stunning since this is her first time meeting her boyfriend's family and she wants to impress them. These lovely clothing and accessories will surely make her look stunning than ever! And for sure, she will be loved by her boyfriend's family.

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Bike Trials: Winter 2

17.12.2018 20:35 We already knew that it wouldn't be enough with just one Bike Trials: Winter. So, we created another one already, so you can continue the fun! With new challenging stages. Going through wooden platforms, giant boulders and even performing some death defying stunts while you make your motorcycle fly, just to name a few of what you can expect in this new installment. It's going to be a rough drive but like they say no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome when you have your bike and your gear. Finish all 20 action packed levels and purchase all the motorcycles upgrades. Complete every level as fast as you can so you can earn more points that may lead you on top of the leaderboard!


Asta from Black Clover is Joining the Fray in Jump Force

17.12.2018 20:06

Bandai Namco Entertainment's Jump Force for PC, PS4, and Xbox One is poised to feature Black Clover characters as well, specifically expert swordsman Asta.


Papa's Scooperia

17.12.2018 19:35 This ice cream parlor named Papa's Scooperia is so famous all over the town. Most of the time, they are so crowded that you will still need to fall in line just to get a scoop of their ice cream. They are well known for their flavored ice creams with lots of delicious toppings as well as freshly baked cookies and yummy syrups. In this game, you will experience what it is like to work at Papa's Scooperia. Since you are hired as the store manager of the said ice cream parlor, you need to be really fast and accurate in getting the customer's order so that they will not get annoyed, in which, can affect the business' reputation. After getting the customer's order, quickly go to the kitchen area to prepare his or her order. All of the ingredients such as flavored ice creams, syrups, cookie doughs, and toppings are readily available so all you have to do is to choose and use those needed ingredients for the customer's order. Be very mindful in choosing the right ingredients so that all of the notes listed on the ticket is properly handled. After preparing the order, serve it to your customer. You need to properly prepare their orders to gain more satisfaction rate and also, for you to get higher tips from the customers. Also, you have this so-called closer customer. They are very picky and meticulous so you have to carefully prepare their orders. You can purchase some upgrades for your ice cream parlor such as furniture, posters, wall or floor decors, and some new clothes. With these upgrades, your customers will find your shop to be more attractive, new, and eye-friendly to look at. You can also do some parades to attract customers. In this way, you will gain more attention from the people in your town.

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Actress Holly Fields reveals the secret world of video game voice acting

17.12.2018 18:29

Digital Trends: "If you play a lot of video games, you may not recognize Holly Fields name, but youve likely heard her voice. Since getting her start in acting in the 80s (she used to go to Alphys soda pop parties with the likes of Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio) Fields has become a prolific voice actor. She describes herself as having done 200 hundred voice-over jobs by the time she was 18, with a particular focus on video game roles. Fields appeared on Digital Trends Live to talk about growing up as a child actor, and the top secret world of video game voice acting."

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