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I waited nearly 13 years for KH3 & it's everything I expected for better and for worse

17.02.2019 0:30

Kingdom Hearts 3 is fun, imaginative, and packs in a ton of Disney magic. But it's also exactly the game that I was expecting, no more and no less.

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Video Game Music Spotlight #4: Kingdom Hearts

16.02.2019 19:36

VGChartz's Taneli Palola: "With the recent release of Kingdom Hearts III finally heralding the return of the bizarre Disney/Final Fantasy crossover franchise, I figured this would be a good time to look back at the entire series through its music. Overall, we'll be covering a span of almost 17 years, eight games, and several different platforms in this article."


Loki Streaming Series Sets Rick and Morty's Michael Waldron as Showrunner

15.02.2019 16:44

The Loki series coming to Disney+ has landed its showrunner: Rick and Morty’s Michael Waldron.

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Opinion: It's About Time Disney Brought Back the Star Wars Expanded Universe

15.02.2019 16:09

We explain why Marvel's revival of a classic Star Wars comic is such a big deal for the franchise.

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Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Announced For Nintendo Switch

14.02.2019 10:18

Bandai Namco has announced that Disney Tsum Tsum Festival is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch in 2019. Disney Tsum Tsum Festival


Alan Tudyk was pumped full of adrenaline for Patch Adams

14.02.2019 7:00

Alan Tudyk is the perfect actor for our current, content-saturated moment of Peak TV and streaming wars. The versatile, Juilliard-trained performer slips readily and frequently between on-screen character roles and animated voice work. He’s lately become something a lucky charm for Walt Disney Animation Studios,…

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Review: Kingdom Hearts 3 - a Heartless adventure - KnowTechie

13.02.2019 19:31

As the official third numbered entry into the Disney/Final Fantasy crossover series, Kingdom Hearts 3 is effectively the culmination of the numerous games.


Disney's Tsum Tsum Arrive In Festival Form On Nintendo Switch Later This Year

13.02.2019 17:45

Disney fans will be pleased to hear the insanely popular Tsum Tsum franchise is rolling onto the Switch later this year. Disney Tsum Tsum Festival focuses on party fun for four players locally or online and also includes puzzling action, similar to the LINE supported Disney Tsum Tsum free-to-play mobile game. Below is the official announcement Tweet:
Here's a bit about the game, directly from the PR:
Read the


Kingdom Hearts 3 Struggled with Pixar Over Toy Story Canon

12.02.2019 23:30

Disney, unsurprisingly, has high expectations for Square Enix when it comes to using its properties in Kingdom Hearts, but Pixar's expectations may be even higher.


All of Sora's Kingdom Hearts Transformations Ranked From Least to Most Lame

12.02.2019 23:30

Greysun writes: Sora has been to dozens of Disney worlds throughout his adventure and a many costume transformations; let's rank all of his looks from least to most abomination.

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