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Some interesting PSVR games are currently reduced

13.12.2018 15:03

Plenty of you were drawn by festive discounts on the , which comes with five games in tow including the likes of Skyrim and Doom for . However, if you went a little lower and bought a , you'll likely be keeping an eye out for decently priced PSVR titles. Luckily, Argos has reduced plenty of VR games today. Here are some of the finest deals we've found, including a satirical shooter, a mythological adventure, and the infamous Rick and Morty.
First up, we have gloriously cynical satire which focuses on guns in an alternate world seething with wholesome and weary Americana. Effectively a satirical comedy shooting game, it reminds us of that Simpsons episode where Homer acquires a gun and immediately uses it to ridiculous, overwrought effect, such as to turn the TV on and off.
In the American Dream, firearms are utilised to their moronic extremes in all patriotic activities: from grilling juicy beef burgers to marriage and childbirth. Mechanics wise it works out like a shooting galley game that lampoons guns at every possible point. The American Dream has , which is nearly half off the usual price.

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How Rage 2 Is (and Isn't) Like DOOM 2016 - Unlocked Highlight

13.12.2018 15:00

Bethesda's next shooter is reminiscent of their most legendary shooter series in a number of ways, but also looks to carve out its o own identity. We discuss their relationship, plus what Rage 2's release date likely means for DOOM Eternal.

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Was Thanos' Doomed Home World From Avengers Ever Really Habitable? Earther Investigates

13.12.2018 13:40

The first teaser trailer for , featuring a universe devoid of 50 percent of all living things thanks to Thanos’ . The Big Bad was inspired to wipe out half of all life after watching his home world of Titan descend into chaos when…

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Hellpoint Interview – A Soulslike RPG With A Doom-like Bent

13.12.2018 13:04

Hellpoint's creative director Mathieu Boudreau and technical director Marc-André Jutras talk to us about the upcoming sci-fi Soulslike RPG.


Doom Combined RC1

13.12.2018 10:10

Doom Combined RC1
A lot of nifty features have been added in this version. Please read the main mod description for an overview

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13.12.2018 8:42

A reboot for the Doom franchise, rebuilt with modern technology and a powerful multiplayer component

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Have You Heard of DOOM RPG?

13.12.2018 6:32

Believe it or not, DOOM wasnt always an ultra-frantic shooter with a big, clanging pair of gore-stained balls swinging to and fro alongside Vince McMahon esque strides. Indeed, there was a time when over a decade ago, id Software dipped its toes into the RPG genre by releasing DOOM RPG.


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