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Heroes of the Storm Developers Moved to Other Projects, Heroes eSports Canceled

13.12.2018 21:29

In news that can’t mean too well for fans of Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard drops the bomb.

From: gamingbolt.com

Blizzard Scales Down Heroes of the Storm Development

13.12.2018 20:17

Blizzard announced their decision to pull back development on Heroes of the Storm and has canceled all Heroes esports events for 2019.

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Blizzard moving developers away from Heroes of the Storm, cancels HotS esports

13.12.2018 19:50

Development will continue on new heroes and themed events, but 'the cadence will change.'

From: www.pcgamer.com

Overwatch's Blizzard World has been closed after it imprisoned players

13.12.2018 11:48

Theme park jail is a grim place.

From: www.pcgamer.com

World of Warcraft Patch 8.1.0 Hotfix Tracker

13.12.2018 10:31

Kill Ping writes: "Now that Blizzard Entertainment has officially come out with its much-awaited World of Warcraft 8.1.0 Patch, titled Tides of Vengeance, a new adventure awaits for the community. The update was being tested out in the games PTR servers for the past couple of months, but now, Patch 8.1.0 is available for all. That being said, with everyone now playing the new patch and all its new content, it seems some additional changes were required. As a result, a new hotfix has been released for the game which makes some significant changes to the games many features".

From: n4g.com

Road of Fury 2 – Nuclear Blizzard

13.12.2018 8:36

The road is even more dangerous this time around. After splitting ways with his running team Cole had found himself back on the road of fury running from the nuclear blizzard. This time he cannot enlist help on his own, he has to earn it. As he breaks through enemy barriers he will meet other road warrior like him that will help him escape the road of fury. There are lots of new enemies and upgrades to take into to battle.

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Overwatch’s Blizzard World map has been pulled after buggy Winter Wonderland update

13.12.2018 8:00

Looks like this year's version of Overwatch's Winter Wonderland has become a proverbial lump of coal in the Christmas stocking of gamers, as several game breaking bugs have crept in.

From: www.criticalhit.net

Bethesda and Blizzard should learn from how Square Enix fixed its Final Fantasy XIV problem

13.12.2018 0:31

Its any game publishers worst nightmare youve announced or launched the latest version of your big franchise, and instead of widespread acclaim, your biggest fans are angry and disappointed. What should you do?

Overwatch Map Pulled After Players Get Stuck In Spawn Rooms

12.12.2018 20:10

Overwatch’s Blizzard World map , but shortly after Blizzard , the map apparently decided to go full Grinch. Teams found themselves beset on all sides by busted spawn rooms and glitched payloads. Now Blizzard World is shut down.

From: kotaku.com

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