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The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery - Store App 1.36.3600.0

18.12.2018 8:16

Explore a heap of magical worlds and try to find out what happened to your uncle

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Crossy Road - Store App

18.12.2018 8:08

A cool looking and very fun to play endless runner that features excellent voxel graphics

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Shoot Belle

18.12.2018 7:35

https://img-cf.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/22583/big.jpg Everyone likes watching acrobatics. We feel it is awesome when the player shooting the apple on the head of a real person. Do you want to have a try? Please be careful as any deviation will lead to the deaths of the beautiful girl in this game.

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Chicken Zooma - Store App

18.12.2018 7:32

A new kind of zuma game in which you'll have to help a chicken rescue lots of eggs from danger

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Artifact review: Can Valve play their cards right? | App Trigger

18.12.2018 7:31

"Valve's attempt to mix up the digital card game scene with their MOBA-inspired game Artifact shows promise but doesn't quite deliver just yet."

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2020: My Country - Store App 9.31.498.1000

18.12.2018 6:51

Create a beautiful city filled with useful buildings and inhabited by happy citizens

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Tumblr's Porn Filter Flags Its Own Examples of 'Permitted' Nudity

18.12.2018 0:31

According to Tumblr, its new images of “female-presenting nipples” that involve medical situations, are related to political speech, or appear in artwork. Tumblr itself, however, apparently can’t come up with four examples of this its porn filter actually allows.

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Celebrate Your Achievements with the Xbox Year in Review for 2018

17.12.2018 21:06

If you're curious on what your biggest gaming accomplishments were in 2018, wonder no more with the Xbox Year in Review app for 2018.

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17.12.2018 18:34

https://img-cf.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/2587/thumbnail464x348.gif Your only goal in this fighter game is will be, to be the last survivor and you'll have to kill your opponents one by one. Shoot them with the weapons that appear randomly, hit them with a punch or make them fall into the void. The game is fully configurable and you can choose your arena, the number of computer-controlled opponents, or play against a friend.

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The Developer Of Pokémon GO Is Now Worth About $4 Billion

17.12.2018 1:55

Meowth, that's right!
US-based software developer Niantic became a global phenomenon when it released the augmented reality mobile game in 2016. Since then, the company hasn't looked back - continually improving the experience and building upon its own IP, while acquiring new licenses to work with at the same time. To this day, GO continues to be a money-maker for the company, $80 million in the month of November.
If that's not impressive enough, The Wall Street Journal is Niantic is now worth close to $4 billion. The company recently managed to raise $200 million via venture capital from GO. In contrast, last year it raised $200 million for a valuation of around $2.7 billion. This illustrates how investors still have faith in the mobile developer and the GO craze in general. In the US, the title is in the top 200 apps (according to downloads).
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